That savings is considered an innovation.

Gclub,  Saving money is considered an innovation that makes people earn money. And can collect money And then bring that money to use in times of need, really Rich father teaches children or not. If they don't, they will choose the exact sentence. Come together now By saying that Non-master When he has a profitable income, he will immediately pay that money. That is, there is money Plus, it is not enough. There is no credit. Go to use the credit to create debt for yourself. Including installments, buying houses, buying a lot of cars that we owe

Said that using the money that is beyond the current time we have Which many people use to use the money in the future and then pay later In the same time The person he is a master Who he is Place the bet as   Gclub   , get the money already. He will take that money. Go to build property first And then after that there will be enough income from that property And then take that money to buy that does not create liabilities, and of course, the savings is that it is one property Which now would probably point out that The advantage of having savings is how good it is. The bet would probably be well known.